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Winter 2014-2015 Community Association Newsletter

Failure To Comply With Florida's Construction Lien Law Can Result In Association Paying Twice For The Same Work Changing Property Management Companies?  Be Sure To Obtain Your Association's Official Records Confidential Means Confidential Material Alterations Tidbit - Florida's Minimum Wage Options For Speed Limit Enforcement on Private Roads Official Records - Combating Owners' Abuse of

Summer 2014 Community Association Newsletter

Legislative Update - House Bill 807 Florida Condominium Act (Chapter 718) Homeowners' Associations (HOAs) (Chapter 719) Cooperatives (Chapter 719) Senate Bill 440 - Clarifies That Certain Sections of Chapter 718 Apply to Residential Condominiums Senate Bill 7037 - New Statutory Notice Requirements and More House Bill 1089 - Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Phasing Out Coverage

Spring 2014 Community Association Newsletter

Chapter 558, Florida Statutes Resolving Construction Defects For Community Associations Civil Rights - Florida Supreme Court Rules Pregnancy Is A Protected Class Directors Are Well Insulated From Personal Liability But Should Make Sure They Are Also Entitled To A Defense In The Case Of A Law Suit A Board Is Not Bound To Enforce Restrictions

Mid-Winter 2014 Community Association Newsletter

Written by Christopher J. Shields Mortgage Holders In Unincorporated Lee County Must Take Responsibility For Distressed Property Many Association Towing Practices Have Been Immobilized Board Recalls Recent Case Calls Into Question Association's Ability to Prove Delinquency Bad Debts 55+ Housing For Older Persons Registration and Renewal Requirement Landlord Tenant Law Changed To Follow Condo and

Winter 2013 Community Association Newsletter – DECEMBER 2013

Written by Christopher J. Shields Perhaps 'Tis Not The Season for Accepting Gift Baskets Comfort Pets Year End Financial Reporting Changes Membership Directories:  What information can associations publish? An Arbitrator's Decision Can Be "Arbitrary" Update on HOA Registration with Florida's Department of Business and Professional Regulation ("DBPR") Recent Amendments to Landlords and Tenants Have Impact

Spring 2013 Community Law Newsletter

Unintended Consequences of Association Action in the Context of Violation Hearing The law of unintended consequences is an adage that actions of people and governments always have effects that are unanticipated and often undesirable. The law of unintended consequences is always at work and everywhere, even in community associations. The Florida Statutes governing condominiums under