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Winter 2015-2016 Community Association Newsletter

Questions & Answers on Fines and Suspensions for Homeowners' Association Effective July 1, 2015 Advice for Managing Hoarding, Neglectful, or Elderly and Infirm Owners or Occupants Florida Law Restricts Use of Drones to Observe and Record Activities and Improvements on Privately Owned Land Is a Developer Legally Entitled to Use Initial Capital Contributions Collected from

Community Association Newsletter – Special Alert: Financial Reporting

FINANCIAL REPORTING Since the end of the calendar year is also the end of the fiscal year for many condominium and homeowners’ associations, it’s that time of year for associations to begin reviewing their financial reporting requirements so that they can timely complete their statutorily required financial reports. To view the full newsletter click here.

Summer 2015 Community Association Newsletter

Legislative Update (HB 791) Legislative Update (HB 643) Condominium Terminations Amend Your Documents If You Do Not Want To Honor An Exemption From The Duty To Pay For Assessments On Property Acquired Through Mortgage Foreclosure When Does An Association's Failure To Provide Records Become "Willful" To view the full newsletter click here.

Spring 2015 Community Association Newsletter

Security And Why We Advise Associations Not To Use The "S" Word Equity Is Back Golf Carts v. Low Speed Vehicles Is There A Group Home In Your Community's Future? New Case Finds HOA Restrictions Not Extinguished By MRTA Emotional Support Animals - The Saga Continues To view the full newsletter click here.

Winter 2015 Community Association Newsletter

Community Association Managers (CAM) Can Be Sanctioned for Refusal to Turn Over the Association's Official Records How Many Seats Are On The Board? Same-Sex Marriage In Florida - It Was Only A Matter Of Time Borrowing From Reserves Reserves Funds Distinct From Operating Budget Considering Terminating A Contract?  Read The Fine Print. Beauty Is In

Winter 2014-2015 Community Association Newsletter

Failure To Comply With Florida's Construction Lien Law Can Result In Association Paying Twice For The Same Work Changing Property Management Companies?  Be Sure To Obtain Your Association's Official Records Confidential Means Confidential Material Alterations Tidbit - Florida's Minimum Wage Options For Speed Limit Enforcement on Private Roads Official Records - Combating Owners' Abuse of

Summer 2014 Community Association Newsletter

Legislative Update - House Bill 807 Florida Condominium Act (Chapter 718) Homeowners' Associations (HOAs) (Chapter 719) Cooperatives (Chapter 719) Senate Bill 440 - Clarifies That Certain Sections of Chapter 718 Apply to Residential Condominiums Senate Bill 7037 - New Statutory Notice Requirements and More House Bill 1089 - Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Phasing Out Coverage