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Below are links to articles published in the HOA Leader Publication where Christopher J. Shields, Partner is quoted as an experienced attorney in community association law.  We invite you to read them for your own interest and information.

  1. What HOA Election Records You Can Withhold
  2. Lawsuits Booted Because HOA Boards Didn’t Follow Their Governing Documents
  3. What Say (and Not Say) When You’re Recruiting Future HOA Board Members
  4. California Court Allows Owner to Sue for Bad – Faith HOA Board Actions
  5. Here’s What Not Include in Your HOA Meeting Minutes
  6. HOA Treasurer Wants Reimbursement; Board Appears Balk
  7. Did This HOA Board Go Astray in Its Minutes
  8. Delinquent HOA Board Candidates: Can You Spill Beans?
  9. Revealing When HOA Board Candidate Has Been Delinquent
  10. Can This HOA Protect Its Roads from Its Builder?
  11. How Respond Owners Requests for HOA Violation Records
  12. Even Board Members Can Be Excluded from Executive Session
  13. Do You Need an HOA Asbestos Management Policy?
  14. HOA President Out Control: Here’s the Simple Solution
  15. 5 Things Board Members Can Do Stop a Rogue Board President
  16. Should HOAs Try to Combat Zika?
  17. HOA President Is Out of Control: Here’s the Simple Solution
  18. Do You Need HOA Employees to Sign Confidentiality Agreements?
  19. HOA Owner Repairs Basement. Waits Years. Seeks Reimbursement. What to Do?
  20. More on Who’s Responsible for Which HOA Unit Repairs
  21. HOA Rules are Awesome–If You Can Enforce Them
  22. The Problem with Strict HOA Rules: Enforcement’s a Pain!
  23. California Mandates New FHA/VA Disclosures; Should Other States?
  24. Board Member Booted.  Bad Omen for Board?
  25. HOA Board Member Disqualified: What Happens to Actions He Participated In?
  26. New York State Permits Racial Bias Claim Against HOA
  27. HOA Owners Can Give Proxies. Can Board Members?
  28. The Flaws You’ll Find in Fundraising for Your HOA
  29. HOA Need Repairs? Have a Fundraiser! Or Not.
  30. Is This HOA Board’s Insurance Policy Fair to Owners?
  31. How an HOA Board Got Back on Track in Enforcing Rules
  32. Veterans Claim They Were Denied Access to HOA Pool
  33. The Supreme Court’s New Disparate Impact Case: What It Means to HOAs
  34. Florida Makes Phony Service Animals a Misdemeanor.  Now What?
  35. Will Wisconsin Supreme Court Help Associations?
  36. Here’s a New One on Us: An HOA Rejuvenation Period
  37. How to Determine How Much Insurance Your HOA Needs
  38. HOA In-No Win Situation: Should It Have Stood Its Ground?
  39. As Though Parking Doesn’t Already Anger HOA Owners Enough…
  40. To Reimburse or Not Should HOA Cough Up?
  41. Is There Any Doubt These Legal Fees Are A Common HOA Expense?  Yes.
  42. 7 Types of  Stale, Out-of-Date HOA Rules You Should Freshen Up Now
  43. Is It Time to Rethink These 7 Types of HOA Rules?
  44. Update: Has Florida Law Changed for When Nobody Runs for Office?
  45. Four Tips for Peacefully Co-Existing with Your HOA’s Mixed Use of Neighbors
  46. Individual HOA Board Members: Your Authority is Limited
  47. Should You Consider “Factoring” Your HOA’s Delinquencies?
  48. Does Your HOA Have a Kid-Related Rule Like This One? Rethink It.

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