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Asset Management Newsletter: Agriculture Grows Florida Economy

Written by: Neale Montgomery Agriculture is important to Lee County and the State of Florida on several levels.  Agriculture is an important economic engine.  In 2007, agriculture represented $58.2 billion of the Gross State Product, and 13.3 % of all the jobs in the state. Not only does agriculture provide important jobs and revenue, agriculture

Asset Management Newsletter: Prescriptive Rights in ERP Cases

Author: Irene Kennedy Quincey A common question arising in the early evaluation of an Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) is when must an applicant have an easement in order to legally flow water over adjacent lands? Those rights might not always be clearly laid out in a formal easement. This issue of historic prescriptive drainage rights was

Asset Management Newsletter: Agricultural Concerns Involving Title

Author: Peter J. Gravina Over the years I have run into three areas where agricultural property owners do not always pay sufficient attention to real estate title matters which affect their property. Typically, the shortcomings are: documented legal access from a public road, drainage rights, and oil, gas and mineral rights. I will address each

Asset Management Newsletter: Time For Filing Local Property Exemptions Approaches

Author: Neale Montgomery Once a year the property appraiser’s office classifies land as agricultural or non-agricultural. Helping landowner’s retain their land is important to the community because it helps to stem the downward pressure on property values. Agricultural or conservation exemptions can help keep the cost of maintaining land affordable. If your property is being

Asset Management Newsletter: Mortgage Foreclosure Thoughts

Author: Peter J. Gravina Recently, there has been quite a bit of press coverage regarding the halting of foreclosures because of short comings in the documents filed to prove the loan ownership and the amounts due on the foreclosed loan. “Robo-signing” the name adopted for the apparent practice by some of executing affidavits with no

Asset Management Newsletter: 2011 Water Shortage – Pending

Author: Irene Kennedy Quincey At the beginning of the year, the 2011 dry season was projected to be one of the driest on record. Couple that with the new low Lake Okeechobee Regulation schedule and we were expecting the Lake Okeechobee Basin to be in more severe water shortage by February 2011. Recent rainfall may have