Will the Repeal of DACA Impact Your Business? Maybe.

If your business employs workers who were granted work authorizations under President Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals ("DACA"), read on.  On September 5, 2017, President Trump issued an executive order that sunsets the DACA program in six months unless Congress acts to pass a new immigration law.  Without the passage of a new immigration

New Florida Law May Preempt Local Architectural and Signage Regulations

House Bill 1021 prohibits local governments from adopting or enforcing regulations that conflict with corporate trademarks, logos, color patterns, or branding of business activities related to gas stations or other franchises. That means that some commercial franchises or gas stations may be able to show that their trademark color patterns and logos should be approved

The Benefit of a Wage Hour Audit

Why Conduct a Wage Hour Audit? Simply put, to identify whether your business has improperly classified any employee as being exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938’s (“FLSA”) provisions regarding the payment of overtime.  In 2016 alone, the U.S. Department of Labor collected more than $266 million in back wages.  The U.S. Department

Deadlock Amongst Shareholders…..Now What?

When a small group of shareholders owning an equal percentage of a company’s stock cannot agree upon the future direction or operation of the business, a deadlock can arise amongst them. Many local and small, family-owned businesses in Florida operate as closely held corporations, or “close corporations”. Click here to read the full article.

Have You Personally Guaranteed Your Business’ Debts?

Many business owners or officers are required to sign contracts for goods, services, or other necessary utilities for the operation of their businesses. At times, the business may face a dispute with a vendor, landlord, lender, or other creditor regarding payment under the contracts. Click here to read the full article.

“Embracing the value, legacy of Junior Achievement”

"It is undeniable that our youth must develop an understanding of financial and business principles in order to be successful in life," says Attorney Christina Harris Schwinn.  Click here to read her full article.   Published in The News-Press Date:  April 11, 2017

The De Facto Partnership and Potential Consequences

Perhaps you and a trusted colleague have finally decided to act on your long awaited dreams to manufacture and sell a new revolutionary product. Excited at the possibilities of your new business, you and your colleague hurriedly pool your money together and begin buying equipment, materials, office space, and all other necessities to carry on

Price vs. Value: Keys to Valuing Any Transaction

In every transaction involving the sale and purchase of an asset, an agreed upon price is typically the key component in reaching a deal. Often lost in the course of negotiations is the concept of “price vs value”.  Click here to read the full article.