It is that time of year when the Florida Legislature is in session.  This Special Edition of Legal Updates contains an attachment with information regarding all of the employment law bills that have been filed through January 12, 2016.  You will note that following the bill summary you will find HR Florida’s position on each of the bills.  As in past years, HR Florida’s legislative team is asking its members and chapter members to write to their representatives and senators in support of HR Florida’s position on each of these bills.
Finding out who your state representative or senator is has never been easier.   Here are the links to the House and the Senate’s respective websites:
As the session progresses, there will likely be additional updates regarding the these bills. 
This year, Day on the Hill is set for February 17th and 18th.  SHRM SWFL Chapter will be represented by Christina Harris Schwinn, Katie Gossic (PE) and Karen Jaye.